Virginie et Mathieu share their holidays in Corse

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” We dreamed about it and finally we made it ! On Thursday we left towards Toulon, quite excited ! By arriving near Carcassonne, it’s picnic time and on the heights, we admired the magnificent historic town. Our evening in Toulon, will be made along the walk Henri Fabre. In the morning we embark towards quiet crossed Corsica. And we put the wheels of our Camp In’ on lands Corsica ! Having visited the Imperial City, the harbor and the Bonaparte museum we headed towards Parata, bloodthirsty islands. A single word: magic this place !

In the morning, we discover the Prunelli’s gorge then we go to the forest of Tolla, for a day of stroll in wood. Then, we came down towards Bonifacio’s nature reserve. At first we made an awesome stop in the Lion of Roccapina, sculptured by the nature in the rock. Then we discovered and admired an extraordinary flora and a fauna on granitic cliffs of limestone and chaos during our sea excursion between caves and cliffs. After a good cocktail, a city tour where the old houses and the harbor have a unique character, we left these places for a good night of sleep on a cliff isolated in the fantastic view !

The next day, we rose quietly until Bastia. Time to stop in numerous creeks and cliffs, to cross forests and meadows these 2:45 am of road took us in fact quite a day, a beautiful and long day. Then came North Peninsula Coast with again few stops to the beach, picnic with a view of sea, strolls in edge of beach to spend the evening to saint Florent. This day there, having crossed the desert of Agriates, we took lessons of dive, an initiation to admire still closer sea bed. Useless to tell you that in the evening we have still well slept to Calvi. It is the departure of return! We embark to join Nice in any beginning of morning and took advantage of it to visit the coast of Azure. And you know what “We saw from there Corsica! ” Our holidays were wonderful !”

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