Plume between Arcachon and St Emilion

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The first road trip for “Plume” with Camp In Van adventurers was rather concluding.

Raphaël came from Marseille to make the surprise for his sweety, Amandine who is studing in Bordeaux, by arriving in front of at her hom ” with THE van “. It was the occasion of her birthday then “Plume” was more than delighted to spend the weekend with them.

At first a drive between Arcachon and the Dune of Pilat, “Plume” then drove them to St Emilion.

“It was a magnificent experience, the weather was beautiful, we had the feeling to make a surftrip in the 60s. Being in campervan gave us an incredible freedom sensation, no need to book places where to sleep, no imperatives … we had our “house on wheels” we could stop when we wanted. We gonna keep some excellent memories and the idea to buy an old man combi begin to trot us in the head!”

Another great success for the team of Camp In Van and “Plume” is proud to have allowed it dice its first exit !

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