Oasis with its german friends…

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First season’s breakaway for Oasis, which find back its original roots with those fellow… germans! After a cosy winter being pampered, Oasis is happy to be back on the Atlantic Coast roads with these new adventurers, Janis, Millian and Alex!

Millian entrusted us the only french words he knew were : “bonjour, je ne parle pas français!”. They also let us some memories inside the roadbook: “Oasis, you look good and you made us smile and laugh, but not only us, everybody around! We didn’t listen to any music but your purr. We are glad to surf as 69′s surfers did! So cool!! Going through french roads, passing by this huge Dune du Pyla, chasing the sun of the South Atlantic Coast, but getting clouds and rains so go back to Lacanau Ocean, a surfer style town, with its view on the Ocean, its skate park, its carparks everywhere, its surfshops, its restaurants. We camped in the forest, all we expected for this week-end! Thank you, we really enjoyed that wonderful time, until the next ;)! and don’t forget, keep calm and be EP!”

It seems Oasis won those germans’s hearts! And 2017 is only starting ;)

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