Oasis returns into the past

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Thérèse and Jean Pierre had on their ” check list ” the wish to make a trip in Combi.

It is now done !

With their ” century and half years old” together, they came from around Montpellier to visit the Atlantic Coastline. It’s on Oasis’board that they put their house for week. And in spite of 2 big thunderstorms (” but that it is not your foult “) they really enjoyed the adventure.

From Bordeaux to Archachon, “the Yellow color, brought us the constant company of the sun. Thanks to the life which keeps spoiling us” dixit Jean Pierre.

And Thérèse to add “We did not pass incognito, so much looks, hellos and smiles … none for us, all for Oasis!”.

Delighted by their ” Volkwagenienne Escape”, they took advantage of discovery some pleasant landscapes, the city as the Ferret. They were even able to visit a bit the family:)

One more time some satisfied customers who told us their experience with so much passion …. so happy to share with you some pics that they sent to us.

Oasis, Thérèse et JP Oasis, Thérèse et JP Oasis, Thérèse et JP Oasis, Thérèse et JP

 Oasis, Thérèse et JP Oasis, Thérèse et JP