“Oasis” of pure freedom to White Pond

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Régis and Catherine have a last minute desire … walk away quietly.

It is with Oasis they decide to go toward South, the Landes and the tranquility of its pine forests and lakes.

“Getaway to Hossegor, via Arcachon.

1st night in Cap Ferret, 2nd night among pine trees at Cap de L’Homy and 3rd night at the White Lake near Seignosse (spot found thanks to Park 4 Night).

True “Oasis” of pure freedom in this social desert where everything is only regulations and prohibition.

“Oasis” is good and without moderation !!!”

Even adventurers who come home rested and delighted. They sent us these 2 pictures of where they could enjoy the peace and beauty of the White Pond;)

A l'étang blanc A l'étang blanc