North Arcachon Bassin

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We tryed it for you ! 2 days without customers … we have to go to meet one of our partners in the Cap Ferret …. solution is found, we are going to test for you the “Exploration” van. First of all direction Claouey where we find very easily a small spot for the evening. A plate of ravioli and here we are spectator of the ” Pond on fire “. Well, yes, Bay of Arcachon illuminated with all the differents cities and village’s fireworks could not bear another name ! At first Arcachon, then Andernos and to finish Ares with many more which illuminate the sky. Magic evening !

Then while waiting for our partner, we (re)discover the Canon, the small oyster village of the 19th century. An awsome charm ! And direction Cap Ferret where after the pond, we are thought of side ocean as a long walk on the beach. We even discovered an interesting swimming pool in the middle of blokhaus ! There are really strolls everywhere to explore, in feet, by bicycle, there is for all the envies ! To spend overnight no worries. The peninsula is rather welcoming. Within villages, we find areas there to stop for night. Maybe not very pleasant because near roads, they are certainly a bit noisy but they are there. Nevertheless, us, we prefer to explore and by the forest road of the Truc Vert, we discover several areas in the middle of nowhere !

The return way is with a small stop in Ares and/or Andernos and here is a weekend which makes us feeling good and get fresh ideas ! Whose next ?

Claouey Claouey Feu du 15 Aout Bassin Feu du 15 Aout Bassin Feu du 15 Aout Bassin  Claouey Claouey Claouey Le Canon Le Canon Le Canon Le Canon Le Canon Dune du Pyla Plage du Cap Ferret Plage du Cap Ferret Plage du Cap Ferret Le Canon La route forestière La route forestière Arès Arès Andernos Andernos Andernos

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