Gorges du Tarn with Aurore and Sébastien – june 6th-9th 2014

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Friday, June 6th, 2014

Handling of the Camp In Van Escapade at 6:30 pm. After 45 minutes of demonstrations, I’m going on board of the Trafic (that changes from the Twingo !!)

8:30 pm: departure of Mérignac

Pleasant driving, vehicle not noisy; the speed regulator allows not to care about automatic radars !
1:30 am: the fatigue arrives … why not a little sleep … Héhé, no worries because we have our bed with us ! No need to reserve ! We find a nice place between Rodez and Séverac-le-Château, let’go for a stop !

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

7:30 am : in the awakening, we discover the place where we stopped … We are alone in the world !!
Rendez-vous : 9:00 am to Sainte-Enimie for speleology day.
14 hours : exit of the cave of Castelbouc. Very nice but dirty … It’s time to have a shower in the Tarn ! Water is 17°C … That cools ! It’s 30°C and a beautiful sun !
Before the night, we moove to find a nice small place by the river to spend overnight. It is just before the village of Montbrun, a few kilometers away from Sainte-Enimie, that we find what we are looking for !

After a concert, we have a walk in Sainte-Enimie, who widely deserved her title of one of the most beautiful villages of France. For us, it arrives at the top of list ! A medieval, quite sloping village, all the streets of which are paved by small parallel pebbles, among which some make even drawings. Houses were renovated by respecting the charm and the spirit of the village and the signs strew streets to describe the life of the village in the Middle Ages.

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Breakfast in the sun in a wonderful frame ! This morning, it is via ferrata … Direction Florac for it via ferrata of Rochefort. Once the first 5 meters little in slope, the easy route is widely feasible. To disadvise all the same from those who are dizzy because the footbridge and the monkey decks can seem endless ! Purpose the landscapes breathtaking are !
On D16, we keep going one the small roads … And there, we discover the REAL happiness of travelling in campervan … We can pass roads forbidden to motorhomes !!! The cliff is close, drank always less than the gully one the other side …
Easy and confortable for us !

End of this D16, in the other edge of the Limestone plateau Méjean, along the Jonte’s gorges. We begin by following them eastward. The valley is much wilder than that of the Tarn Gorge, and the more river is deeper. Landscapes are awsome !
Tines, Chaos of Nîmes-le-vieux on the left … I shall be going to make it a tour … No worries, we are not waited tonight !!
20 hours : it’s the hour of the digestive walk in the chaos of Nîmes-le-vieux, path marked out from Hom. Avoid following Veygalier, we arrive in a farm which smells strong (very very hardly!!) and the path proposes in fact a pebbles exhibition …

Extremely well fitted out path making do a tour about 1 hour in the chaos, with discovery signs. A great moment!

Before the nightfall, it would be a good idea to find a spot to spend overnight because we begin to see the valley strewed with small vans … The best places are going to be taken …
We pursue the road towards Villeneuve (which is not indicated on the map !) and there, we find the paradise !!! A small path which goes up in the middle of herbs and flowers … We settle and we are alone in the world !!! A pure moment of pleasure. At the top of a hill, it is safe, we are going to have the sunset on one side and the rise of other one tomorrow morning ! What else ?

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Breakfast in the sun ! And to fill the whole, this cliff at the bottom is the point of flight of the vultures in the morning … At about 9 am, dozens of vultures take off and just cross over our heads … And how there is absolutely no noise here, we hear the noise of their wings when they fly !! A magic moment !

Unfortunately, it is necessary to return the van this evening and Bordeaux is a bit far … We tidy up everything in our way …

We go back up on Florac to travel, the other way, the banks of Tarn Gorge. Small stop into Quézac, completely deserted village ! Most of the doors have cobwebs which do not date the last month …
Small bend by the panorama of the Point Sublime which wears really well its name! Fantastic view over a good length of the meanders of Tarn Gorge …

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