Gaby militing for the protection of the ocean …

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This weekend, Surfrider Foundation organized again a collection of waste on the beach of Le Porge. It was naturally, after having wished a good weekend to some of our adventurers, that Camp in Van team again answered present. It is Gaby this time that carried us and he was satisfied to unwind tires in the sun ;)

We took advantage of it to bring the nephews to act for a good cause.

The comfort of a Volkswagen Combi made the drive pleasant, with one busy to draw and the other one in the arms of Morpheus;)

Arrived, in the middle of the afternoon, they enjoyed putting the shoulder to the wheel and helped us to collect with so much enthusiasm so many waste in spite of numerous hands arrived earlier during the day. 4 bags of garbage were brought back by these small hands.

Then after the meal, came the night, it is in their small hut in the floor of the Combi, that they slept and it was very funny !

Well covered, because in the beginning of the season we’ll be a bit afraid of the cold, but no probs, these small fair heads slept such well !

Then a sunday under the sun … between bike into the forest, balls’ games and colourings of the great educational exercise book of Surfrider and other drawings they liked the camp life !

They just regret that the driver didn’t use enough the horn ….

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