Gaby in Britany

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” In 2013, we left in 2013 for Italy in Mini Cooper Innocenti during the Mini International Meeting, that was difficult but great. Then in 2015 we decided to try this time the Combi.

For that, we left with Gaby. The driving is awesome, certainly because an accurate maintenance, we had only so much pleasure to visit a whole part of the Britanny coast.

Nothing was lacking during our stay, ” Camp In Van ” forgot nothing except the sun. (but they can nothing for that ;) )

In pics, There is one of the Pointe du Raz, an other of the meeting with a German couple in red Combi. Actually we can see the ” Camp In Van” sticker which is a serious company as one we would like to meet more often.

Travelers friends, in couple or with two children, it is this Combi which you need ! A Big thanking.

So I would like to add “Thanks to you to have enjoy your holidays (even without the sun) and to share your experience :)”

Here is some photos of their aventure :

En Bretagne En Bretagne En Bretagne La Mini