From all over the France !

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A weekend between buddies prepared and well tied up for this dozen of friends coming from all over France, Corsica including !

” Hello, do you have 12 sleepings ?

Yes, it is possible with several vehicles ! ”

This is the way Fabien choose to rather his buddies for a weekend to Lacanau. But everything is not that rest ! Between good restaurant (Le Petit Nice in Lamarque who seems to have completely satisfied the group) and beach, also settled some Male activities ! ;)

It is with Delphine, in the Paintball Lacanau Beach that they let off steam …. she made them a hard life and they enjoyed !

For the sleeping side …. they slept well, propped up in the forest, Escapade, Excursion, Exploration and Saturnin granted them the well-earned rest !

A weekend which enchanted all of them ! Find itself between buddies, in an idyllic frame, have fun as children and discover the concept of the campervan … Seems to be a successful weekend !

I did not have many photos to illustrate this adventure because anytime soon brought in, they went on holiday for many !

A Lacanau A Lacanau A Lacanau A Lacanau