“Exploration” in winter mode !

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Crossing France from Bordeaux to Lyon, from ocean to mountain via the Plateau of Millevaches and the volcanoes of Auvergne. Magnificent landscapes and you know what ? Well, there is not only in Pyrenees or the Alps where there is big white areas!

From Bordeaux, 2 days of road to arrive into Lyon, it is the opportunity to have interesting breaks, for example at Cressac Saint Genis to admire a chapel of the Knight Templars. By the way, an excellent place to spend overnight, far from the road traffic, there is a nice point of view and a water source ! Then to Jumilhac le Grand, below the magnificent castle, by the river another pleasant small place to spend calm overnight. On the Vassivière Lake, a little more noisy but the attraction of the lake according to the season can be interesting to settle down one evening or 2 !

We chose the small Bridge of Senoueix to spend overnight. No noise … in fact a little one, the one of the river which flows under this small bridge, built apparently in the XVIIth S and historic memorial since February, 1990.

We crossed numerous small typically French villages, where the time seems to be arrested. War factories and villages fixed in the time …

Small detail, we disadvise to pass by the city of Thiers if you did not know the mapping because it is easy to make an hour detour in mountains to find the way. It is not often that we get lost but there, without signs, the city is not easy to cross! However she must be welcoming for those who want to discover the cutlery industry workshops.

And then it’s time of the magnificent white areas, which cover the landscapes of the volcanoes of Auvergne. Easy to find some small headlands where to spend overnight in the middle of nowhere with breathtaking panoramas. Given that we wiped reaching relatively low temperatures 10 °/-12 °, we tested for you the heater. Well, it works rather well ! It is pleasant to watch the cold freezing blades of grass by the window of the Camp In when we are for the warmth in the van !

Lost in the heart of the Lot, the Menhir of Belinac is also one shelters for overnight in the calm. A Menhir ? Well, yes I believed there are only in Brittany well, no there are everywhere in particular in the Lot. It is very original for whom has never seen flat and long drawn up stone following the 4 cardinal points … I am (one of those who had not seen yet that) !

In brief to end this article, I believe that it is important to remember itself that everywhere in France, from west to east, there are heaps of small places to be discovered, Nature or History, numerous touristics attractions strew our country. The Camp In Van is useful to reach some of these places rather isolated the accessibilities of which are sometimes limited.

To you to discover and to share!

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