Exploration in the Limousin

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On Friday afternoon, Marilyne wanted an escape. She called us and just few hours later, with Julien, she left in Exploration. Direction the Limousin !!!

When they came back, they were able to say that the best moments are the ones improvised ! They had an awesome weekend, unique moments when for example, because they left early in the morning they settle to have a nap and when through the window they realized that they were in a middle of sheeps which were looking at them ;) It is next to the dovecote at the foot of the Castle of Bagnac, that after a long stroll, their nap rhythmed in the sounds of sheeps and frogs !!! “Awesome !!! “. In the same time they realized that ” it’s such a pity to leave beauty like this abandoned “.

They also discovered a rest area for motorhome, in Air-sur-Adour whom they strongly recommend, very clean, with toilet, dump point, water as well … and barbecues !

A night, on the edges of the Vienne, near to St Junien … Peace and awakening under the sun !!! Time to fold up the roof and it’s time !!! They discovered a pedestrian path, on the site of the Corot, ” great restful, green place, with the Vienne and bird’s ????? all around !!! ”

Dans le Limousin Dans le Limousin Dans le Limousin Dans le Limousin Dans le Limousin Dans le Limousin  Dans le Limousin Dans le Limousin