“Excursion” to Corsica (part 2)

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Sandrine and Michel just came back from their road trip in Corsica with magnificent pictures … everything in the head and also some photos. A 3 weeks road-trip on the Beauty Island which they enjoyed.

Report makes by our adventurers : it is quite difficult on high season to freecamp than on low season. As they had left with friends on tent, they opted quite often for campground. Anyway, the landscapes enchanted them and they were satisfied by the concept Camp In Van.

Here are some of their photos:

Excursion en Italie Excursion en Italie Excursion en Italie Excursion en Italie Excursion en Italie Excursion en Italie   Excursion en Italie

It’s give me envy of … what about you ?