“Excursion” in Basque Country with Iza

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Left for a week in April, in the Basque Country with “Excursion”, Isabelle took time to send us Her holiday’s photo ! ;)

Taken before going for a walk to San Juan of Gaztelugatxe, near Bermeo in the Spanish Basque Country during lunch time, from an awesome view point. Time to take strengths before attacking the ascent of the grand staircase towards this exceptional site … Their very favorite day of this road-trip in the French and Spanish Basque Country.

“Aboard the Excursion Campervan we were able to benefit 3 as well seemed to us of this trip, very under cover in spite of the Easter rain, in very considerable autonomy for 100 % of relaxation and to let go … to remake !”

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
 And today, she’s thinking to us …  awakening in Landes in a middle of a wild camp of 5 trucks for the Musicalarue Festival aboard a fitted out Berlingo !
” Impossible now  for me to sleep under a tent ! ;-)