Camp In' Nature

Camp In Van, l'art d'un “road trip” dont vous êtes le cap'taine !

Free Camping is not a crime !

Free Camping

The key is not to make noise, to leave none draws and to leave a place such as we found it.

Visit, it’s leave only footprints …

“Free Camping” it is the respect :

It is necessary to respect the Man, to think that we are not alone and that if we want some peace, the others also.

It is also necessary to respect the Nature, it gives us a lot, we have to return that to her as it offers itself to us.

Respect these few rules, it is to protect Free Camping !

10 ways to drive the further, the greener!

1. Drive quietly

Adopt a smooth and soft driving, do not forget that you are on holidays!

2. Certainly landscapes are beautiful …

But don’t forget also looking in front of you, think of safe distances and anticipate the attitude of the other drivers.

3. You are on a circuit … touristic one!

Discoveries and meetings are going to give rythm to your days, be relaxed!

4. Hills and Mountains …

Are your friends ! On a way down nothing serves to throttle, let the slowness of the vehicle act, you will make more kilometers!

5. Love your Camp In Van

We check our vehicles between every rent. However on long stays, think of checking levels and of verifying the pressure of tires.

6. Aahh the air cond’ !

In summer it is very well, but the electric windows are also there !

A continuous use of the air conditioning makes climb the consumption of the vehicle about 10 %, then use it when the temperatures are really too intense!

7. In a middle of a trafic jams …

Do not leave the engine on … switch it off !

8. No excess of speed!

You are on holidays, relaxed, drive in 80 rather than in 90 kph, your purse will be happy !

9. Move …

Also in bike, in tricycle, rollers or skateboard … Do not take your Camp In Van for any small travels !

10. Plan (just a little) your activities

Even if we wish that you get lost to discover magnificent places, optimize your holidays and think of looking at road maps to value the easy and economic routes.

Drive in complete safety, anticipate, discover and have fun aboard your Camp In Van !

Long road trip or just weekend, think of the recycling. The selective sorting has nothing complex and every municipality possesses adapted points of deposit.

Let us exchange !

Because the journey and the discoveries are also a good way for exchanges, think of the others …

At the end of your stay, if there are objects which you do not go to use any more (guides, brochures, notes of road-trip), think of the travelers who will come behind you and share your good plans, tricks and secret places …

In case of forgetten few clothes in vehicles, within 4 weeks, if there are not demanded, we proceed to a deposit with agencies such as the Red Cross.


When you’re travelling, please respect the places where you settle down (day or night). In every municipality, there is public restroom, if you do not wish to use the chemical toilet supplied with your Camp In Van.