Dordogne and few “Plus Beaux Villages de France”

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We have to meet a supplier on Agen and as there are no customers who have to come and see us to the workshop, we take advantage of it to discover and make you discover the surround. 2 days, the time of a weekend, what could we do? Well, we are going to visit for you some of most beautiful villages of France to give yourselves the envy to go even to visit them.

At first it’s late then we spend at night near Port Sainte Marie with a great panorama. In the morning we discover the small village of character but desert, it is not classified and nevertheless has a wonderful charm !

Then let’s go to Pujols le Haut, Monflanquin, Monpazier, Belves, Castelnaud la Chapelle, and to finish the day, Domme. Small villages, decorated with flowers which tell the History of France by architectures which challenged years. A delight to discover villages names of which are not unknown to us but which we have never taken time to visit. To note that some take advantage of their fame to exploit the tourist in the helper to relieve its purse for numerous reasons. The simple fact of walking in the narrow and folk streets is amply enough for us and of strolls of 30 minutes at 1:30 am to measure these villages delighted us.

Other important point, the access to numerous villages is forbidden to motorhomes for a very good reason, once at the top, you cannot go out anymore and then turn back … not even think of it !We strongly appreciated the size of our Camp In Van. We tested the model “Exploration” for you … it will be our favorite … his roof which gets up allows to enlarge the space considerably and it’s pleasant (especially for those tall which like remaining standing !)

Second day, we continue the road of these magnificent villages : Montfort, la Cingle de Montfort, Les Eyzies, Limeuil and the Cingle de Tremolat. From awesome landscapes to magnificent villages, more thant the France History, we learnes about the Humanity History with the discovery of cave dwellings in Eysies. To finish the day, it is the famous Castle of Monbazillac built in 1550 (or more exactly in his gardens because it’s too late for the visit) that we discover.

Free tasting of one of the best wines ! But attention we drive after so keep reasonable. On the return way, we explore the Country of Duras and avoid the highway to join Bordeaux.

A moment to escape and it’s successfull, we travelled very far while staying in a 150 km around Bordeaux. It’s so !

Who’s next ?

Duras Duras Duras Monbazillac Monbazillac Monbazillac Monbazillac Limeuil Limeuil Limeuil Le Bugue Le Bugue Les Eyzies Les Eyzies Monfort Monfort Monfort Monfort Domme Castelaud la Chapelle Castelaud la Chapelle Monpazier Monpazier Monpazier Montflanquin Montflanquin Montflanquin Villeneuve sur Lot Pujols le Haut Sur la route Port Ste Marie Port Ste Marie

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