Discover the Bastides’s country for a weekend

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What if you’re planning this spring to discover in a “Camp In Van”, bordering the Lot-et-Garonne and the Dordogne, a beautiful country! There are many places that worth visiting … An example with this little homemade trip during a weekend.

This is actually a loop from St Jean d’Illac for a 2 or 3 days escape through our country’s History.

Day 1:

Heading Duras: with its castle, classified “Historical Monument”, Duras offers an architectural treasure that combines the Middle Ages, the twelfth and eighteenth centuries. Overlooking the Dropt Valley , it is the legacy of an eventful history. Through the maze of about thirty restored rooms, the castle features real architectural splendors: secrets room, well, Hall of Frame, Tower with a magnificent view, 3 Marshals Room, “100 fagots” kitchen .

DurasHeading Montflanquin, between Agen area and Périgord, this country house created in 1256 had to contain the many English attacks and recover from the Wars of Religion. If the city has lost its battlements, it has nevertheless kept its characteristic grid plan and the “Place des Arcades”, always busy! It still has very beautiful houses in the image of the Black Prince’s house. It is part of the Label of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France” and well worth its name!MontflanquinThen Villereal arises on our way. Its country house with a beautiful wooden hall and gourmet retailers … And Monpazier, another city with its country house superbly preserved for another stroll among the artisans. Also classified as “Plus Beaux Villages de France”, was elevated to the rank of “Grand Site National” with Biron and Capdrot. Biron’s castle, seat of one of four baronies of Périgord: all types of architecture are represented, from the dungeon of twelfth century to eighteenth century’s buildings, passing by the Renaissance rooms and chapel. Others strenghts must be discovered: the township’s 15 churches (which 13 are Romanesque), the many artists and craftsmen, producers, markets, mushrooms’s market, guided tours, archaeological attractions.

Monpazier Then we keep going with Castelnaud la Chapelle, well known for its two castles. Beautifully restored castle houses the Middle Age War Museum and the castle of “Milandes”, former home of Josephine Baker. The village and its typical habitat from Périgord also has many strengths … Another marvel classified as “Plus Beaux Villages de France “Castelnaud la Chapelle Day 2:

Then comes to us the Dordogne, majestic and romantic. Walks and winding roads to admire its beauty! Domme is a must stop to admire France.DommeA small detour to Sarlat, with a medieval urban complex among the most important in the world.. This small Périgord city, visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, is also used occasionally as a setting for historical movies. Its downtown, with a high homogeneity, is composed of a network of alleys and picturesque mews, of shaded squares lined with mansions with slate roofs, which the most famous are the home of La Boétie, the “hôtel Du Barry”, the “hôtel Savignac” or the presidial. Nerve center of the city, Liberty Square, lined with terraces, is the seat of the market, where they sell the local specialties: “foie gras”, truffles, figs and nuts. In its extension, the Saint-Sacerdos Cathedral and Bishops Palace recall that Sarlat was episcopal city for centuries. As for the Eyzies, a History stop not to be missed! The village itself as “World Capital of Prehistory”. It must be said that the local tourism was born from the first archaeological discoveries. Particular troglodyte architecture, an exceptional natural area, a lifestyle, a genuine friendliness and of course its prehistory.

Les Eyzies Day 3:

To finish our loop, a short stop in Monbazillac. Planted in the heart of the prestigious vineyard that carries his name, the view offered from the terraces of the park is an extraordinary panorama on the Dordogne valley. Monbazillac castle owned the winery Monbazillac since 1960, presents a unique and original architecture, mix of medieval defensive systems and elegance of the Renaissance. At the end of the visit, a tasting of Monbazillac is provided to every visitor. Our favorite for the weekend!

Monbazillac And to enjoy a free weekend like this one, where finally, it is a bit the wheels of our campervan that lead us on our ways to discover, nothing better than “Camp in Van”!Port Ste Marie