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Among the top 30 of european destinations, half of it catch our attention for possible road trips from Bordeaux, in a Camp In Van, for 1 or 2 weeks. Few ideas which would motivated ourselves to hop on our Camp In’!

What about you? Did you think about these destinations to escape your everyday life and discover France or Europe? Provence, Haut-Rhin with Colmar, Camargue, Belgium with Dinant, Switzerland with Meyrin, Oberland, or Gruyère, Italy with the Amalfi Coast, Pompéi or Manarola to discover, Spain and Formentera, the German Bavière, Portugal with Sintra, Austria with Hallstatt…

This is only a sample of every places you could go to in road tripping. This summer our Camp In Van went to Spain, Camargue, Provence, Portugal… Where could they bring you this time? Enjoy the last offers from august the 20th, thanks to l’Offre JO….

Destinations Road Trip